The name TyrannoSaurus was initiated from the dinosaur.

I wanted to name my restaurant as what people want – people prefer bigger burgers and the name conveys a massive and impact striking image. Simply for these reasons, the name  Tyrannosaurus was created.


 Nowdays the number of consumers for burgers are rapidly increasing. Though it isn’t the healthiest food, people seek bigger and tastier burgers. Hence a turn of thought, made TyrannoSaurus into a healthy, fresh served restaurant with New Zealand manufactured beef, pork and chicken served with the freshest vegetables. Unique sauces are created to keep food fresh and healthy.

There are many school facilities around the restaurant, where students from all over the world make trips in search for value meals, yet with large portions of healthy quality food. And yes, they definitely deserve that. Therefore TyrannoSaurus decided to promote a special value deal with large servings; ideal for these students. We have breakfast and lunch menus and deals incomparable with any other restaurants. We open from 8 am, so the breakfast menus are ideal for those who just don’t have the time to cook for themselves in the morning. They are however available all day, and the lunch menu such as sandwiches and fish and chips simply gives a change to the taste buds when it just doesn’t feel like a burger day. Moreover, we also have various asian foods such as Donburi, Teriyaki (beef, pork or chicken) for a chance to try out international flavours. As you may have already noticed: TyrannoSaurus is the one to drop by and unique above all others.


You are most welcome to try out the tastiest and the most unique of our menus in city. Our restaurant offers service to the very best for each and every customer, by serving fresh, top quality meals and you will find the taste will always stay the same.


Come now and enjoy the moment of your life!